01 testi Lucille Spira
Lucille Spira, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, Editor of Rage and Creativity: How Feminism Sparked Psychoanalysis

Alison Feit, Ph.D., aka, Freudina, is a highly skilled psychoanalyst and a class act. She is a valued colleague and friend.

Her wisdom, skills and warmth are recognized by many, both in and outside of psychoanalysis. She is engaging and welcoming with a non-judgmental style that makes it easy to share personal concerns. Dr. Feit  has been an advocate on behalf of others; successfully taking on issues and problems that were previously swept under the rug or ignored. I admire her breadth, depth, creativity and her willingness to pursue new ventures. 

02 Testi Robin Mitchell
Robin Mitchell, MA

Community Coordinator at NYC Administration for Children's Services

In this thought-provoking website, Freudina outlines the ways in which we have adapted to the complexities and challenges of contemporary life by abandoning meaning-making and depth.

With a certain very special brand of psychological-mindedness, she helps us face our own self-doubts and anxieties that challenge our opportunity to live full and connected lives. In an age of what feels like almost unprecedented loss and fear she gives us the capacity to look inside and face the most difficult part of our internal lives. She has often helped to center me in my child welfare work in New York City, where I try to keep families together - helping children who are dealing with trauma and loss. In these sensitive and difficult situations, implementing Freudina’s way of thinking allows for real and substantive change and awakens the potential for healing.

03 testi Juliet Heeg
Juliet Heeg, LCSW-R

Relationship Therapist and Author

As a relationship therapist, I have gotten to know Alison Feit (aka Freudina) from the William Alanson White Artist Study Group and have been a fan of her no-holds barred, no-nonsense passion for understanding what is getting in the way of growth and how to flip that script.

She goes for the heart, headfirst with humor, creativity, compassion and rigor that make her an unusual treasure in the field of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

04 testi A Chris Heath
A Chris Heath, MD

Creator of the HeathMD YouTube Channel

Freudina is a voice that can really make a difference. Instead of quick fix advice, Freudina offers a new lens, so we can take a look at our own strengths, and the tricks our mind plays on us.

In that way, we see the answers are within ourselves, and we can build a toolbox for the next time life throws a curve ball. Freudina is powered by Dr. Alison Feit. Not only is she a psychoanalyst – the most complete psychotherapeutic training that exists – but she is trained and steeped in the interpersonal-relational school. Both that training and her personality allow her to sense what a person is seeking, what they are missing as well as their strengths, and what brings them to the moment they find themselves in currently. In creating Freudina, Dr Feit meets the callers and readers where they are, but also meets our culture with a factor that is currently missing. Freudina brings that lens that allows us to look at ourselves, in the context of our life.

05 testi Jack Drescher
Jack Drescher, MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University

I have known Alison Feit (aka Freudina) for many years and know many people who have relied on her for both professional and personal advice.

She is a thoughtful listener, open minded and insightful. Over the years, she has shown people how to look at themselves in ways that helped create meaning in their lives. Her approach is not a “method” or textbook formula. She allows people to arrive at their own understanding by providing navigational tools to create the future they desire. Because she sees people as individuals, she helps them create their own roadmaps.

06 testi Richard B. Gartner
Richard B. Gartner, Ph.D.

Author of Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men; Co-Founder of MaleSurvivor

Alison Feit is an extraordinary psychoanalyst. She has a talent for understanding a situation and helpfully suggesting a new way to look at an old problem.

She has an agile mind, a warm approach, and a keen intelligence.

07 testi Alberta Guiles
Alberta Guiles, MBA

Mom, Teacher and Former Chemical Engineer

Freudina is one of those people who knows a lot and is exceptionally with-it.

She radiates joy from enabling others to develop their inner capacity to grow and to flourish. She is the generator and a world-class expert on BIRS (Basking In Reflected Sunshine). She takes it seriously. What that means for you is that in real-time, she is at her happiest and most creative when others around her are thriving. She has given me the tools to feel positive and optimistic on my darkest days. A feedback loop of positivity and growth with those around you! Something I am delighted to share with my children and students.

08 Testi Don Seeman
Don Seeman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Emory University

I have known Dr. Alison Feit for over 25 years. She is a thoughtful, humane scholar and therapist who has been willing to tread where others have not and is rarely afraid to speak her mind.

I have known her to go out of her way for people who were ignored by others and to devote herself to the welfare of people you might think had no claim on her. She is irreverent in all the right ways.

09 Testi Helen Quinones
Helen Quinones, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor at Columbia University, NY; Faculty Member at National Institute of Psychotherapies

Dr. Feit has been my colleague for 11 years. During this time, I have attended many of her presentations, lectures, and book signing events, and I have always walked away transformed by her analytic wisdom and humanitarianism.

I would describe her as a talented psychoanalyst who expands your understanding of psychological concepts within the the sociological realities of the times we live in. She is a gentle yet forceful thinker that can speak to your own internal experience while imparting pragmatic facts.

10 testi Eric J. Dammann
Eric J. Dammann, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist/Psychoanalyst & Executive Coach; Supervisor, Columbia University, NYC

Freudina- springing from the fertile mind of Dr. Alison Feit- is a timely and necessary resource for anyone looking to better navigate the challenges, both internal and external, of today’s complex world.

Alison brings years of wisdom, compassion, and humor to her work, and it shows in the way she is able to engage a wide variety of people. Furthermore, she has a gift for turning complex ideas into understandable and usable tools, and Freudina is a superb example of this ability. There is something for everyone here, and through it all Alison’s powerful voice and presence is felt- definitely worth a visit.

11 testi Steffanie Feerst
Steffanie Feerst, RN

Registered Nurse

Freudina is able to take the darkest aspects of life - anxiety, depression, general misery - and inject a moment of hope and inspiration even in dismal times.

What do I mean by dismal times? I am a nurse that has worked incredibly intense jobs in the ER, hospice care, and the inpatient psychiatric unit. My job is tough, really tough and Freudina is there to get me through it every minute of the day. That is what I mean by talented. She knows when to crack a joke that feels empathic. She gets it when things are truly bad and has the wisdom and sense of humor to make it all bearable and even funny. I adore her. So, yes! Count me in as one of her absolute fans. Believe me, I am hardly the only one!

12 testi Regina Gelin
Regina Gelin

Real estate investor, former fashion industry professional

I have had the immense pleasure of knowing Alison Feit (aka Freudina) for almost 30 years.

Over the years I have relied on Alison for both professional and personal advice. She is a fantastic listener - non judgmental, thoughtful, perceptive. I am frequently amazed at her brilliant insights on both complex problems and ordinary issues. Because Alison values the individual and their need to create a meaning and purposeful life, I find her ability as a mental health professional unparalleled to others I have worked with on my own personal growth. When you take into account her professional abilities and naturally caring disposition, well, let’s just say she is a rather fantastic human being!

13 testi Qasim Isphahani
Qasim Isphahani

Vice President of Product Control at Jefferies Financial Group

Alison Feit is more than a psychologist to me. She has been and continues to be a voice of reason that helps me evaluate my own assertions and find clarity in my thought process.

She has a way of empowering a person's cognition to look beyond biases and to evaluate their thoughts and predicaments objectively. She continually evokes the mind to consider all possible angles and in turn facilitates critical thinking and decision making. She is also the most genuinely compassionate person I have met, a strong advocate of social justice who walks the talk in terms of being fair, just and honorable in her personal and professional dealings with people and strongly recommends others to do the same. I am thrilled she is bringing Freudina online so others can experience her magic in their own lives.

14 testi Adam Sheer
Adam Sheer

Co-Chief Executive Officer at The Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc.

I have known Alison Feit (aka Freudina) a very long time and have relied on her for both professional and personal advice for many years.

She is a fantastic listener, non judgmental and something just short of brilliant in taking complex psychological problems and seeing the essential constituent parts that have made for the difficulties in my professional and personal life. She values the individual- the need for each person to create a life of meaning that makes them want to show up each day. She has brought a level of integrity, creativity and even joy during even the darkest moments of my life. Even when making painful and difficult business decisions she enabled me to find the strength to do it, but to do it with heart so I could be better to the people I was hurting. She has helped me create my own navigation system, based on the things and relationships that matter to me most. In short, her work has helped me look through my own life through different prisms, to see what it is and what it could be. She has helped me grow in business, but also grow as a person. She is gifted and uses those gifts to help others in her orbit.

15 testi Cristian Martínez
Cristian Martínez, Ph.D.

Professor, Mathematician

Alison Feit PhD (aka Freudina) is a truly elegant and gifted new voice in understanding life and life’s problems in all of their complexity.

Her approach towards mental health and wellness is not conventional. Her philosophy is not a method towards health or happiness in the expected sense. She does explain and she does give guidance, but perhaps even more importantly , she allows people to arrive at their own understanding by gracefully guiding them down the path towards creating the future that they desire in their innermost being. What she helps one to achieve, and splendidly, is a roadmap of one’s own making. Freudina “tells it like it is,” but with warmth and compassion. She is brilliant, kind, and wise. Her long-term clients think the world of her. Log on and get to know her; it will not take long to understand why that is.




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