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We all have problems, ranging from bad hair days to stock market crashes, but the solutions you’re looking for are closer than they seem. What if you could find targeted advice on how to get rid of the monsters in your mind WITHOUT spending hours trawling through Google search results?

That’s exactly what this page is for.

Come for a short visit or a long-haul stay, and bring as much baggage as you like - these courses are designed to lighten your load and make your journey through life that little bit easier. 

Freudina Academy

For children with anxiety, the pandemic has brought a whole slew of additional stressors into an already-overwhelming world. If you’re a parent seeking to relieve your kids of their anxiety, this online course is designed to help you understand the emotions affecting the young people in your life, and teach them how to handle this equation full of unknowns.

For children with anxiety, school creates a feeling of anxiety that’s heavier than a first-day school bag. In addition, the pandemic has shattered kids’ routines and brought a whole slew of additional stressors. If you’re a teacher hoping to relieve your students of their anxiety, this online course is designed to help you understand the emotions affecting your students, and teach them how to handle this equation full of unknowns.


It’s time to breathe freely, calm your anxiety, and craft a life that means more to you. This online course offers a fresh perspective on ways to interrupt the anxiety spiral, flip your internal script, and make a shift towards growth and optimism.


Has the pandemic got you feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster with no end in sight? Struggling with grief, anxiety, panic, or stress? No idea how to persevere? Let Freudina help you.

05 testi Jack Drescher
Jack Drescher, MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University

I have known Alison Feit (aka Freudina) for many years and know many people who have relied on her for both professional and personal advice.

She is a thoughtful listener, open minded and insightful. Over the years, she has shown people how to look at themselves in ways that helped create meaning in their lives. Her approach is not a “method” or textbook formula. She allows people to arrive at their own understanding by providing navigational tools to create the future they desire. Because she sees people as individuals, she helps them create their own roadmaps.

15 testi Cristian Martínez
Cristian Martínez, Ph.D.

Professor, Mathematician

Alison Feit PhD (aka Freudina) is a truly elegant and gifted new voice in understanding life and life’s problems in all of their complexity.

Her approach towards mental health and wellness is not conventional. Her philosophy is not a method towards health or happiness in the expected sense. She does explain and she does give guidance, but perhaps even more importantly , she allows people to arrive at their own understanding by gracefully guiding them down the path towards creating the future that they desire in their innermost being. What she helps one to achieve, and splendidly, is a roadmap of one’s own making. Freudina “tells it like it is,” but with warmth and compassion. She is brilliant, kind, and wise. Her long-term clients think the world of her. Log on and get to know her; it will not take long to understand why that is.

07 testi Alberta Guiles
Alberta Guiles, MBA

Mom, Teacher and Former Chemical Engineer

Freudina is one of those people who knows a lot and is exceptionally with-it.

She radiates joy from enabling others to develop their inner capacity to grow and to flourish. She is the generator and a world-class expert on BIRS (Basking In Reflected Sunshine). She takes it seriously. What that means for you is that in real-time, she is at her happiest and most creative when others around her are thriving. She has given me the tools to feel positive and optimistic on my darkest days. A feedback loop of positivity and growth with those around you! Something I am delighted to share with my children and students.

08 Testi Don Seeman
Don Seeman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Emory University

I have known Dr. Alison Feit for over 25 years. She is a thoughtful, humane scholar and therapist who has been willing to tread where others have not and is rarely afraid to speak her mind.

I have known her to go out of her way for people who were ignored by others and to devote herself to the welfare of people you might think had no claim on her. She is irreverent in all the right ways.




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