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Ep. 6: Behavioral Scripts and Internal Roles [Ask Freudina]

Do you ever feel as though you’re playing a character in a TV series? Maybe the lines coming out of your mouth seem more like recited scripts than conscious dialogue choices...

Ep. 5: The Ruler and the Subject Enactment [Ask Freudina]

Rules. You got ‘em, I got ‘em, we all got ‘em. With so many to follow, is it any wonder that we sometimes feel overwhelmed and act out?

Ep. 4: The Penitent and the Priest Enactment [Ask Freudina]

We all do bad stuff sometimes. The interesting thing is that we often feel a desire to confess that bad stuff to some sort of priest-like figure. Whatever your religious background...

Ep. 3: Handling Corruption Enactments [Ask Freudina]

Discussing personal boundaries in relationships can feel a bit like that first pre-Summer wax strip, and often takes more than a reluctant countdown from three to get started...

Ep. 2: The Cop and Robber Enactment [Ask Freudina]

At some point, everyone experiences a conflict between their desire to do the right thing and their desire for material possessions, achievements, and outcomes. Sometimes we feel the struggle within ourselves...