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Has the pandemic got you feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster with no end in sight?

Struggling with grief, anxiety, panic, or stress?

No idea how to persevere?

Let Freudina help you.

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Feeling overwhelmed?

Wrestling daily with maintaining your mental health and family relationships?

You’re not alone.

The whole world is there with you, and that’s the problem. It feels like there’s no one to turn to. It seems like everyone is deep in survival mode and it feels like you should be too.

You’ve probably been told to just bunker down. Hibernate and ride it out. There’s nothing you can do, so just get through it.
False. There’s always something you can do to keep your mental health in check.

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Here’s what I can do for you

Help you navigate your way through global grief

This is uncharted territory, but you don’t have to go down with the sinking ship. Psychology has helped people for a long time, and that’s not stopping now.

Deal with the physical side effects of anxiety

Do you have a racing heart rate? Persistent headaches? Sore bones and muscles? Ulcers? These symptoms could be the physical manifestation of your anxiety - let me show you how to look out for them.

Reign in your projected fears

Humans thrive when they know what to expect. I can help you become comfortable, and even thrive in a world where major changes lurk around every corner, and things always seem out of control.

Conquer your fear of feeling

If you’ve succeeded in ignoring your feelings in the past, the pandemic will have posed additional challenges for you. Let me guide on your journey of actually experiencing your feelings in a healthy way.

Even though we don’t have a choice but to suffer through this pandemic, you can CHOOSE to manage your mental wellness.

But how? Where do you start?


How do you even begin to traverse these troubled times?

Anxiety comes in stages and waves. Being able to understand and anticipate the stages of anxiety is crucial to your survival during this pandemic. Anxiety at its core is the feeling that we don’t have the internal reserves to manage what we are being forced to manage.

And it’s scary. Anxiety is a big monster with sharp fangs and you’re locked inside a room with it. There’s no way out and no one coming to save you. The only option is to save yourself.

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By understanding the genesis of the anxiety and how it unfolds we will de-fang that monster, pop him on a leash and before you know it he will be licking your hand and sitting on command.

Most people won’t seek the help they need and will stay in that room with the monster, oscillating between panic and feeling numb from exhaustion.

You aren’t most people.

You’re here because you’re taking control. Life is going to be rough for everyone for a while. You want to do whatever you can to curb your anxiety, lift your grief and not only survive, but maybe even thrive through this global pandemic.

Giving up is the biggest mistake.

4 Reasons Why Most People WON’T Seek Help During The Pandemic



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I’ve never needed help before so why do I need it now?

A common theme amongst those that are lucky enough to have experienced almost uninterrupted good mental health is dismissal. ‘I’ve never been anxious before so it will fix itself.’ There’s also never been a global pandemic of this scale before. It’s time to prevent mental health struggles before they happen.



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My mental health has always been unreliable - so what’s new?

Those of us who have experienced difficulties with mental health in the past can be equally dismissive. ‘The pandemic is just another thing to feel anxious about - add it to the pile!’. The global pandemic is an unprecedented event and requires unprecedented mental health care.



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I’m too busy to deal with this right now

Don’t let your stress trick you out of getting rid of it. When you start to spend time on your mental health, you start to free yourself of feeling busy all the time, even when there are only a few things on your plate.



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Everyone is feeling awful right now - what makes me so special?

Feelings of unworthiness are very common when it comes to seeking help with mental wellness. Just because everyone is going through this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be seeking help.

Can I tell you the truth?


It’s worth your time and attention.
It doesn’t matter how many other people are experiencing the same thing.

You matter. You’re worth it.

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03 testi Juliet Heeg
Juliet Heeg, LCSW-R

Relationship Therapist and Author

As a relationship therapist, I have gotten to know Alison Feit (aka Freudina) from the William Alanson White Artist Study Group and have been a fan of her no-holds barred, no-nonsense passion for understanding what is getting in the way of growth and how to flip that script.

She goes for the heart, headfirst with humor, creativity, compassion and rigor that make her an unusual treasure in the field of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

06 testi Richard B. Gartner
Richard B. Gartner, Ph.D.

Author of Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men; Co-Founder of MaleSurvivor

Alison Feit is an extraordinary psychoanalyst. She has a talent for understanding a situation and helpfully suggesting a new way to look at an old problem.

She has an agile mind, a warm approach, and a keen intelligence.

09 Testi Helen Quinones
Helen Quinones, Ph.D.

Clinical Supervisor at Columbia University, NY; Faculty Member at National Institute of Psychotherapies

Dr. Feit has been my colleague for 11 years. During this time, I have attended many of her presentations, lectures, and book signing events, and I have always walked away transformed by her analytic wisdom and humanitarianism.

I would describe her as a talented psychoanalyst who expands your understanding of psychological concepts within the the sociological realities of the times we live in. She is a gentle yet forceful thinker that can speak to your own internal experience while imparting pragmatic facts.

12 testi Regina Gelin
Regina Gelin

Real estate investor, former fashion industry professional

I have had the immense pleasure of knowing Alison Feit (aka Freudina) for almost 30 years.

Over the years I have relied on Alison for both professional and personal advice. She is a fantastic listener - non judgmental, thoughtful, perceptive. I am frequently amazed at her brilliant insights on both complex problems and ordinary issues. Because Alison values the individual and their need to create a meaning and purposeful life, I find her ability as a mental health professional unparalleled to others I have worked with on my own personal growth. When you take into account her professional abilities and naturally caring disposition, well, let’s just say she is a rather fantastic human being!

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How To Cope When Everything Is Out of Control

Alison Feit - Pandemic sos Mockup

This is a targeted and nuanced course for people suffering from COVID-19 induced anxiety and stress. It’s different from other kinds of anxiety and stress and requires different action.

You’ll learn strategies for dealing with your grief, long term anxiety management and practical solutions for stress relief.

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The end


Staying on top of your mental health during a global pandemic so you can function and flourish.
Now and in the future.

This course is specifically designed for the kind of stress you’re experiencing right now.

It will help you to…

  • Adjust your life as restrictions and dangers ebb and flow
  • Manage anxiety and stress on an ongoing basis
  • Deal with the unique grief that comes from a threat to your health and freedom of movement
  • Cope with these changes in the long term and maintain balance in these uncertain times
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Here’s what’s in the course…

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A detailed summary of the kind of stress you’re experiencing, how global stress is having an effect on you and what we’ll be doing in the remainder of the course to address that.

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Collective Grief

The kind of stress people are dealing with now is collective in a way we haven’t quite seen before. This module is a deep dive into the unique features of collective grief, the part you play in collective grief and how to remove yourself from the cloud of global sadness.

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Anticipatory Agitation

Much of our anxiety is rooted in anticipation. We’re feeling anticipatory sorrow, a sorrow we cannot quite name or see the face of. In this module, we’ll talk about how you can overcome the urge to compare yourself to others and find hope in the success of those around you.

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Paranoia Is The New Normal

If we want to help ourselves we have to be honest - this pandemic is creating a lot of justified paranoia in people. This module covers the reasons behind this paranoia and helps you to recognise when your paranoia is getting out of control.

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Dealing With The Physical Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t always invisible. It often manifests itself in appetite fluctuation, insomnia, skin and hair issues, weight loss or gain, physical pain, migraines and stomach issues. In this module you’ll learn some possible physical manifestations of anxiety that you should be on the watch for.

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Finding Balance

The pandemic has been hard emotional work for all us and will continue to be for some time. And while it’s important to work on our mental wellness, it’s just as important to take a break and let ourselves just be. This module will discuss the importance and methods of confronting your feelings.

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Pep Talk

Burying your anxiety and stress is a very common and safe reaction to stressful situations, but unfortunately it’s not a permanent solution. In this module we break down those fears and tackle them head on.

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In this conclusion module, I take you through the steps you need to maintain and troubleshoot your mental health journey throughout this pandemic.

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Imagine if…

  • You had the tools to not only survive but thrive throughout this pandemic
  • You didn’t have to give up and you could work through the stress you’re experiencing
  • Your mental health and interpersonal relationships both survived COVID-19
  • You felt better - free from anxiety and stress with well managed mental health

It's time to find out.

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Join Pandemic SOS: How To Cope When Everything Is Out of Control today and get…

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The FULL Pandemic SOS: How To Cope When Everything Is Out of Control course

You'll get access to all 8 modules including…

  • Targeted tips for pandemic specific anxiety
  • Video lectures so you can learn on the go
  • Action plans for dealing with different levels and types of stress


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Pay Upfront

Single payment of
$49 USD
  • Access to all 8 modules
  • Targeted tips for pandemic specific anxiety
  • Video lectures so you can learn on the go
  • Action plans for dealing with different levels and types of stress

Bundle: Add Anxiety SOS

Single payment of
$79 USD
  • Save $15
  • Access to 6 Additional General Anxiety Modules
  • Practical advice for managing anxiety
  • Video lectures so you can learn on the go
  • Worksheets and guidance
  • Action plans for dealing with different levels and types of stress