Repeating the same mistakes again and again?

The good news is,

you don’t have to!

Meet Dr. Alison Feit, Freudina's Id, Ego, and Superego.

Hi! I'm Alison.

I am a Harvard and Yale trained psychologist who has worked with clients around the world to help them find well-being, mentored executives and entrepreneurs, mediated business disputes, and done lots of writing and teaching.

Here are a few things you should know about the way I work…

  • I believe in reducing pain as quickly as possible! Psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, are simply terrible to live with and my first goal is to help you find immediate relief.
  • I believe symptoms also convey important information about each person’s innermost desires, pains, and histories. Through understanding your hidden conflicts, internal struggles clear up and symptoms resolve.
  • As you may have noticed, I take serious problems seriously - but I always make room to inject humor into a situation. (Good thing I went into psychology - otherwise I’d probably still be trying to make it in improv theater!)

At Freudina, we believe:

It’s ok that life is messy.

When your room is messy, you clean it up one shirt at a time. It’s important to keep this in mind with life’s larger messes. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but things are best managed when you take that first small step.

Self-care is Essential.

Self-care is more than “treating yourself” with retail therapy and sleeping in. It’s a conscious step you take towards personal betterment, and it can start right here.

You can take back control of your life.

We all get stuck in “scripts,” knowingly and unknowingly, which govern our behavior and thinking. Often when trying to confront an issue in our lives, we revert to the same “script,” the same response with the intention of trying again or trying harder this time. Approaching the situation from a different perspective or with an unexpected reaction can disrupt negative patterns of thought or behavior and enable you to “flip the script”.

Contemplation needs its place

When dealing with heartbreak, loss, or trauma, you often need to find the strength to embrace your emotions before you can fully move past them. At Freudina you'll learn how to become comfortable sitting with your current realities and their associated psychological tax.

you should know yourself.

Insight doesn't have to be difficult. If done right, self-reflection will allow you to make life choices through careful consideration, not uncontrollable instinct.

Your fear is holding you back. And it doesn't have to.

Our fears are often completely disconnected from our realities. By learning to understand our anxieties, we can live life without being paralyzed by them, and even gain a lot by learning about them. Sort of like becoming friends with a grumpy roommate.

The magic lies in self-evaluation.

We all carry years of baggage with us. Some we might dwell on quite often, some we prefer not to think of at all. Revisiting your childhood and unpacking its impact on your growth will enable you to move forward feeling healthy and confident.

You must be the architect of your own life.

Sometimes, building something new means tearing down things that are broken. At the end of the day, it will be all worth it when you see what you’ve built.


In a nutshell…

I work with people who are interested in examining their lives and figuring out what has gone askew. I help them fix those issues to enable them to live the life they want to lead.

I'm a modern Psychoanalyst. I look at why people behave the way they do, and then I perform my special brand of brain archaeology. Finding the 'why' so we can explore the future 'how'.

Want the long version?

05 testi Jack Drescher
Jack Drescher, MD

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University

I have known Alison Feit (aka Freudina) for many years and know many people who have relied on her for both professional and personal advice.

She is a thoughtful listener, open minded and insightful. Over the years, she has shown people how to look at themselves in ways that helped create meaning in their lives. Her approach is not a “method” or textbook formula. She allows people to arrive at their own understanding by providing navigational tools to create the future they desire. Because she sees people as individuals, she helps them create their own roadmaps.

06 testi Richard B. Gartner
Richard B. Gartner, Ph.D.

Author of Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men; Co-Founder of MaleSurvivor

Alison Feit is an extraordinary psychoanalyst. She has a talent for understanding a situation and helpfully suggesting a new way to look at an old problem.

She has an agile mind, a warm approach, and a keen intelligence.

07 testi Alberta Guiles
Alberta Guiles, MBA

Mom, Teacher and Former Chemical Engineer

Freudina is one of those people who knows a lot and is exceptionally with-it.

She radiates joy from enabling others to develop their inner capacity to grow and to flourish. She is the generator and a world-class expert on BIRS (Basking In Reflected Sunshine). She takes it seriously. What that means for you is that in real-time, she is at her happiest and most creative when others around her are thriving. She has given me the tools to feel positive and optimistic on my darkest days. A feedback loop of positivity and growth with those around you! Something I am delighted to share with my children and students.

08 Testi Don Seeman
Don Seeman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Emory University

I have known Dr. Alison Feit for over 25 years. She is a thoughtful, humane scholar and therapist who has been willing to tread where others have not and is rarely afraid to speak her mind.

I have known her to go out of her way for people who were ignored by others and to devote herself to the welfare of people you might think had no claim on her. She is irreverent in all the right ways.


is incredibly simple

And it's not even that much of a secret. The difficult part is, you’re just too close to the problems to know the way past them. The negative patterns of your life, the causes for the thoughts and feelings keeping you awake - these are impossible to understand without guidance.

You are the expert on your own life.

You need to figure out what hasn’t worked and why. I’m here to show you how. 

I’m not fixing your present problems and leaving you helpless the next time they roll around; by introducing you to key elements of psychoanalysis as they relate to your concrete present problems, I’ll give you the tools for long-term mental health. I’ll teach you how to analyze your feelings and actions so the next time desperation strikes, you can stop, take a breath, and respond in a productive, truly helpful way. Think of me as your mental car mechanic. I’m not just fixing your engine - I’m showing you what went wrong and where, so next time there’s a problem you can pop open the hood yourself.



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Build your psychological toolbox

Take a DIY Therapy Class and learn how to hack your destructive behaviors. You’ll enable yourself to have better relationships, work through your anxiety, and win more at life. Our DIY therapy courses provide simple snapshots into the complex nature of the brain while providing you with the psychoanalytic tools to live your best life.




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