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Ep. 6: Behavioral Scripts and Internal Roles [Ask Freudina]


How to Intercept Your Subconscious Decisions

Do you ever feel as though you’re playing a character in a TV series? Maybe the lines coming out of your mouth seem more like recited scripts than conscious dialogue choices, or the friends you’re surrounded by aren’t people who you’d normally choose to be around…

No matter how stimulating your conversation, it’s easy to fall into familiar behavioral scripts without even realizing – a pattern that can lead to an endless cycle of repetition and misunderstandings.

In this episode, we cover a few common scripts which could alter the direction of all your future productions.

Our first caller raises an issue which will no doubt ring a few bells for anyone who regularly attends a family Christmas party: how can she anticipate and intercept her behavioral scripts and rewrite the mediocre holiday show starring her ever-so-slightly dysfunctional family? 

Another caller describes the aftermath of a confrontation with a six-foot snake which made an unscripted cameo in her shed and has been haunting her ever since. We discuss the notion of projecting internal anxieties onto physical things as a coping mechanism. 

Tune in and gain insight on… 

  • The link between our enactments and our internal behavioral scripts.
  • How holding onto an internal script can make us feel stuck in a certain role or pattern. 
  • The way in which anxiety and past experiences play into our internal scripts. 
  • How we can identify and flip our scripts to improve our relationships and our lives. 
  • How the repetition of our internal scripts can affect our interactions and the way we face our problems. 

Instead of simply treading water in your conversations and discussions, you too can find more understanding and progress by identifying the scripts you are falling into. Unconscious scripts can masquerade as character flaws, and by identifying them we can set the stage for more effective interactions with others.

Are you ready to take control over those scripts? Put on your editor’s hat and check out the podcast below!


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A Quote to Remember:

“Once you keep your mind open, you can see that we are all constantly walking around the various scripts we’re enacting. And it’s kind of fun sometimes to be a little playful about it… When you’re finding yourself particularly stuck in a place that you keep on repeating things, you’re kind of going nowhere and the other person’s also repeating things and going nowhere.” – Dr. Alison Feit

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