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Feeling overwhelmed with everything?

Don't worry,
You're not alone.
See what you get with our bundle deal just down below.

This is a targeted and nuanced course for people suffering from COVID-19 induced anxiety and stress. It’s different from other kinds of anxiety and stress and requires different action.

You’ll learn strategies for dealing with your grief, long term anxiety management and practical solutions for stress relief.

This course is designed for people facing anxiety and stress more often than they might like. No matter how unique your experience of anxiety, simple actions can be surprisingly effective.

Inside, you’ll learn how to identify the causes of your anxiety and use practical techniques to get it under control.

Life has changed so much over the past few months that the concept of “normality” seems to have evaporated, and there’s no denying that it has been challenging - especially for children and young people.

It’s natural to cling to a routine and a set of rules that feel familiar, but when that familiarity is gone, it can be enough to set off a Major Internal Crisis (cue thrashing tantrums and crocodile tears).